Saturday, January 12, 2008

goody goody gumdrops


New and new-ish books from a few of my favorite people/poets!

I've read all of these and they're better than gumdrops or any other kind of candy. Do something nice for these awesome women and buy these books -- but mostly, do something nice for yourself and buy these books.

Scenes from the Body, by Robyn Art


Recovering the Body, by Nicole Cartwright Denison


The Promised Bride, by Jehanne Dubrow


The Secret Meanings of Greek Letters, by Michi Gabriel


Anonymous said...

thanks for spreading the word. you are indeed the very best revolutionary sweetheart i know.


michi said...

i am totally with nic. :)

Singh said...

"scenes from the body" never read pain in such a depth. i was a woman too, you know in my past life.