Friday, January 11, 2008

happy happy belated new year

what in 2008 I'm looking forward to:
* the Democrats winning the Presidency
* the Democrats keeping control of the Congress
* with a Democratic Congress & Administration, good programs like universal health care being created, the Kyoto treaty being signed by the U.S., progress being made in an end to global poverty initiatives, combat troops coming home from Iraq, carbon emissions being capped and maybe, just maybe a carbon tax, an end to the counter-productive No Child Left Behind, repeals of the tax-cuts for the richest Americans, maybe even a balanced budget again, investment in solar, wind, and other clean & renewable energy sources and the jobs that will create, not being embarrassed and ashamed daily by our President.
* working on the Presidential campaign
* hammering lots of nails in New Orleans
* healthy, un-injured Pittsburgh Steelers' starters
* new issues of Siren
* the ocean
* spring and fall, swimming, cherry slurpees, roller coasters, Europe, bees knees, vineyards
* learning about photography, relearning some Russian, learning a little bit of Italian, learning to bake vegan cookies, learning to keep my big mouth shut when it should be, learning to play a new song on the piano, learning lots of new things
* publication of my new chapbook
* maybe, just maybe finishing my full-length manuscript (and oh, pretty please with sugar on top, finding a publisher??)
* new books by my dear comrades-in-poetry
* MFA!
* filling in the following things to look forward to: ________, and _______, and maybe even ________.
* poetry, poetry, poetry


Anonymous said...

may you have much shug-ah on tawp! and may you send me an ADDRESS- so i can help you with that outlook for bookies...
happy new!

michi said...

me = looking forward to new poetry from you! :)

whipped cream, sugar, AND chocolate sprinkled on top!

m x