Thursday, January 31, 2008

yippee, there's new poetry to read

I am in mourning today because John Edwards has suspended his campaign for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, essentially ending it. Plus I've been sick with meningitis. Ouch. But all is not dreary in the world, thanks to the appearance of fresh poetry, prose, and art in new issues of the following journals and magazines:

Read Dorothea Lasky, Kismet Al-Hussaini, Marco Giovenale, and many others in Coconut 11 and check out the free, printable chapbooks by fine poets from the whole coconut chapbook series.

Siren poet Jack Boettcher and other great talents like Matthew Rohrer, and among other prose peices, something from Simon DeDeo with the great title "fuck you, aloha, ecopoiesis," that I'm really looking to reading in absent 2

Siren friend and poet Bruce Covey and other accomplished poets such as Brenda Hillman in the new, spring 2008 issue of Caffeine Destiny
Hangman #7 features fiction, comics, essays, and reviews, as well as poetry by Noah Eli Gordon, Robert Krut, David Sewell, Laura McCollum, and Siren all-star Matt Hart, and others.

Press 1 Number 3 is out with work by Siren experimental contributor Paul Seigell, as well as the wonderful Michaela Gabriel and others, and also boasts some provacative visual art by Paul Bleiweis, whose "Winter in Thought and Deed" is shown below.

Paul Beiweis, copyrighted photo from Press 1

And concerning literary journals, Siren fave Nick Courtwright has written the thought-provoking "The Nature of Publication: Poetry in Literary Journals," which can be read on his Teir3 blog/journal.


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Nick Courtwright's essay is great reading, thanks for the link.