Friday, July 18, 2008

free speech


My friend and innovative-artist-extraordinaire Peter Schwartz has a chapbook of his work, both visual art and poetry (published by Barnwood Press) , up online, free for all to see and love.


empress, by peter schwartz


If you haven't read Amy King's Kiss Me with the Mouth of Your Country yet, ohhhh you really must. It is also free (!) online, and besides having what has to be one of the best titles ever, has an achingly beautiful cover photograph. Here's what I said about the chapbook somewhere else: This is so good it broke my heart into a thousand little peices and I was hit so hard by some of these poems that I dropped some of those little peices along the way and am still trying to find them. Oh, that Amy King.


And bravo to Dusie Press for publishing, along with Amy's Kiss Me, all of the following chapbooks that you can read online or download at no charge. Among these authors are a few contributors to Siren and other riteous babes.

a bodyfeel lexicon. (queen/bozek) dimestore operetta say. (bowen) developing poetic ideas. (chirot) time space repetition. (armentrout) vie et pli. (giovenale) afar buzzing stars. (scappettone)ekphrastic celebrity I (daly) props of henwifery. (sprague) digress into residency. (berridge) laced with forethought. (murphy) postcard of the. (tate) I posit no. (fieled)erratogenic paraparasitic postpoem. (goodland) erotic false consciousness. (ward) first swifts come. (schaeppi)will be waxing. (art) (carignan) flamenco pierced her. (tabios)a citizen I. (snyder) engirth, discorrupt, linger. (workman) correspondence, obscure, reveal. (fletcher)enhanced ego-interference patterning. (orange) fairly clear the. (boyer) telephone as intermediary. (hunter)vista of verdancy. (stengel) pale blue twilight. (phipps) (an historical site) magi.little decisions thrumming. (boykoff) writing records eden. (farr) production of hormones. (marcacci)our crops far-flung. (sand) going not gone. (hofer) informed by light. (compton) my embroidery she. (abulhassan)ruby large enow. (gardner) composition as process. (hayes) like you tiger-shock. (smith) distance presence print. (pusateri) certain fields escape. (muench/allegrezza) fragile engines flashing. (detorie)the great desire. (nakayasu) behold a glimmering. (quimba) splendid drifts of. (kunz)salt, line, obedience. (cox/cox-farr) eyes glass hands. (lamoureux)template, some vicissitude. (mauro) little red song-book. (newman) imagistic kinetic dizzy. (stamatakis) a need for. (behm-steinberg) gaga futurism pales. (cooper) a lavish spectacle. (deming)him, wings adjacent. (heide) hands half face. (king) presently be said. (stempleman) known as "we". (nelligan)underground I go. (graham) adorn honour bright. (mangold) paced awning graces. (klinger) courting in earnest. (spahr) grew inside we. (madison) a running plotline. (janssen)



Leopold Bloom said...

I´ve just had a look at your blog and i think it´s very interesting;
I share the same tastes (specially in the fiel of music). See you!

sam of the ten thousand things said...

You've been tagged with a meme, Sara.