Thursday, September 13, 2007

spread the words

I found the following on the blog of New Pages.

and I just looove this idea. It's like continuing in the tradition of Johannes Gutenberg (!) Wow, who would have ever thought it could be so easy? and sound like so much fun? And -- be so green?!

The following is copied directly from New Pages' blog:

"BOOK CROSSING: The Catch and Release (and Catch Again) of Books

This is a blast. You register (a) book on the site (for free) and get a printout to post in the book. Then you "release" the book into the human wilds with a note on it that indicates it's a free book for the finder to read, log onto the web site and write about (track), and re-release it for another reader to find. Finders/Readers can make their own comments on the book - where they found it, what they thought of it, where they've left it, etc. It's a great community recycling project that has to make somebody's dream come true: "If I ruled the world, books would be free and would just appear on park benches or on subways at random..." Go now, register one of your (many, many - I know you have TOO many) books, and set it free. BookCrossing. "

And while I always like to keep all of my books -- except for a few that I really didn't care for or something like that -- to read them again, to build a library, and such reasons, I cannot help but to think Book Crossing is a really useful, important, and just plain wonderful thing. And also just kind of good for the soul, 'you know? Oh, and not to mention -- a way to get some poetry out there to the masses! So I guess it's off to the used booksore (woohoo!) to buy second copies of books I really like and "set them free" like courier birds, like a message in a bottle.

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