Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Siren: Nominations for "Best of the Net" (with links)

Seriously, it was wretched choosing among all the great work Siren's been so lucky to get. But I finally decided on the following:

Robyn Art, "Weltscherm"
Jehanne Dubrow, "Shulamith Writes Fuck You"
Matt Hart, "How Can We Fail in Our Mouths"
Amy King, "A Ghost is Born"
Erin Martin, "Admiral Benbow"
Kathryn Rantala, "The Hall of Bird Cries"

Jenny Boully, "Kafka's Garden"
Stephanie Dickinson, "Unity Cloud"

I should mention a few other particular poems that made the choices particularly difficult -- it took me a while, but I finally had it down to ten poems, including Nick Courtright's "The Movement of Beauty" and Jack Boettcher's "Our Debut Album," both so beautiful, as well as Daniel Nester's haunting "Another Updated Childhood Dream," and Elizabeth Volpe's exquisite "Theatrics." A maximum of six poems and two prose pieces were allowed to be submitted. 

To the above writers, as well as all of Siren's painfully lovely poets, writers, and artists: Bravo, Bravo, Applause, Applause!


sam of the ten thousand things said...

Great selections. These are wonderful works.

Anonymous said...

Good choices. I remember reading Unity Cloud in SIREN and printing it out to give to a couple of people to read. We all thought it was great.

I never saw the earlier issues of SIREN until I followed the links here. Dubrow's and Martin's nominated poems are really different from most poems written and published today. It was great to read them and refreshing to see them recognized.

I think I saw King's poem here on Poetry Daily or Verse Daily. Very worthy poem. Good list overall.

Matthew J. Bruedder

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the recommendation! I just saw this while ego-surfing and it made my day!

Erin (Martin)

Sara Kearns said...

SAM -- thanks, sam. i sent you an email about this. oh, wait, and i also got yours -- i'm on my way over to your blog to check out your nominations.

MATTHEW -- thank you too. 'always happy to hear people are reading Siren, and happyx2 when they pass some of the work on to others --'so cool, thanks. and yes, i couldn't agree more about Jehanne's and Erin's poems. part of the reason i nominated those poems is how unique they are in today's poetic landscape -- the use of rhyme, for example, and specifically its insistence. 'among many other reasons.

ERIN -- when i saw your comment here, i checked my email and, yikes, in my drafts folder is an email i wrote you letting you know about the nomination, but somehow didn't send and instead saved to draft. sorry about that. but i'm glad you found it this way, anyway -- and i'm sooo happy to hear it made your day. submissions like yours always make my day, so i'm glad i could return the favor. *grin*

amy said...

Thank you, Sara! I'm pleased to be in such good company~