Friday, March 05, 2010

anti doctors and poetry

Actually, I'm no such thing -- poetry of course is like manna from heaven, and I'm quite fond of most doctors, especially after the past few years in which a few of their finest took on my medical Goliaths and gave this David the stone to bring at least one of the giants to their deaths, and the others to their knees. But the fifth issue of Anti-, the excellent literary journal, includes a poem of mine with the ironic title, "The Good Doctor," and my little "anti thesis." If you're not yet familiar with Anti-, the editor has all the poets provide statements of what they're against in poetry, and besides the consistently fine poetry, it is the magazine's best feature. And if you haven't read Issue 5 yet, definitely check it out: it includes a lot of great work, including poems by two of my favorite poets, Lisa Lewis and Nick Courtright.

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