Wednesday, July 01, 2009

happy (belated?) birthday siren

If I get this posted by midnight (I've been watching Stephen Colbert a lot lately, which has interrupted a few relationships of mine, like my long-standing nightly dates with Charlie Rose, and now it seems I can't type a few sentences past 11:30...) I can still say happy birthday, Siren. The first issue went up online three years ago, and the sixth issue went up recently. Bravo to all sixty-one writers and artists who have made it grow.


paul siegell said...

yayyyy!!! thanks so much for all your hard work, sara!

Glenn Ingersoll said...

good for you!

Sara Kearns said...

Thank you Paul! But thank YOU for the great work you've contributed. Hopefully I'll make it to Philli for the Unity readings, and see you then.

And Glenn!! It is SO good to hear from you! It's been a while -- I've had a bad habit of going awol every so often from the blogosphere, but fortunately I always stat missing the poblogcom. I was thinking that I first met you and Scott O. TEN years ago (over at the Block)! You two were the first poets I met online. I'll be over to your blog soon; thanks so much for stopping by.