Monday, April 06, 2009

google boggle

It seems the little glitch with Google was, fortunately, short-lived, and is now fixed. For a short time, trying to travel to Siren via Google took a route to a spam site, instead. That has been remedied, though, thanks to a helpful Google rep, as well as the Siren readers who first alerted me to this problem. 'Gratitude all around.


jeannine said...

Google's first hit for "Siren Literary" appears to be your site, now! Yay!

Dee said...

Totally unrelated, except in a somewhat poetic way, and considering your own Braddock nativity, I was reminded of you when the following was e-mailed to me by an acquaintance who's coordinating this event:

William said...

Brilliant Issue!!! Best Yet!!!!

Sara Kearns said...

jeannine, you were the first one to alert me to that google problem so i owe its fixing to you!

dee, it's pathetic, i know, but i have yet to ever connect to facebook -- i can't figure it out to save my life, but when i do, i'll be sure to try this link again. you know how i'm rooting for braddock!

william, 'glad you like the new issue.

thank you all around!

Allan said...

Google leads to your site, but I a virus came with my visit this morning. Norton put it in quarantine and I could delete it. Any other of your visitors reported a similar experience?