Monday, January 26, 2009

very cool cows



I have a new friend who is very cool, and this very cool friend has a very cool website/blog. Actually, two very cool websites/blogs. You can check out the first site, which the drawing above is from, here at somecows. The second one is a suitable surprise, and its link can be found on "somecows," whose name, by the way, reminds me of a great Bob Hicok poem ("great Bob Hicok poem" -- how redundant) called "My new neighbor." An excerpt:

The cow had a metal tag in its ear,
orange with the black numeral 42.
... 42 has large brown eyes and lives in a field
beside a small Presbytarian church.
I guess this makes 42 a God fearing cow
and all cows have large brown eyes if 73 and 12
are a fair sampling. They pretty much do
what 42 does seven days a week, which is eat
and which suggests they are atheists after all.
... It is comforting to talk
to large animals, whether they listen or not.
I said, it is comforting to talk to large animals
whether they listen or not.

(from This Clumsy Living)

I think I'll take this opportunity to say eat butternut squash, not cows.
Or at least less cows, more butternut squash.

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