Thursday, January 22, 2009

the tao of broccoli

I recently had my wisdom teeth removed, and after my dentist (who looks like House and is also so nice I can't help but have a crush on...) administered the local anesthesia, he left the room for a few minutes until the lidocaine started to work. Sitting there with nothing to do I guess I could have meditated but instead my eyes fell to a poster on the wall. The poster (and I'm convinced that my version of McDreamy had nothing to do with the decorating) was a collection of quotes by people "ages 5 to 95," and was entitled Things I've Learned. Most of the reflections were from adults and unsurprisingly included the typical dose of the patently false or downright cliche: I've learned that nothing is impossible; people are like the colors of the rainbow; etc. Then there were some others from adults that were more accurate and even sweet but trite: a marriage or intimate relationship is like playing the violin: to be any good you have to work at it every day; happiness is like perfume: if you give it to someone, you can't help getting some on yourself .

But then this from a seven-year-old: I've learned that you can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.

(File under: reasons why everyone should spend at least an hour every week with someone under the age of ten.)


Brian Campbell said...

Your blog looks like fun too. I'll add it to your blogroll. Thanks for the heads up on Elimae. I had never happened across that journal.

Anonymous said...

My wisdom teeth refused to emerge, instead growing sideways inside my gums and tending to squeeze my other teeth together. That's when the oral surgeon had to do some crazy cutting to get those babies out. There's something highly metaphorical about that experience, so please feel free to write a poem about it, if you like. DAB

Sara Kearns said...

Hi Brian, Hi D! Thanks for the commments.