Wednesday, December 24, 2008

yes virginia there still is a siren

and most of the things I needed to finally build a new issue recently arrived under my Christmas tree, which is a little evergreen that lives outside in the dirt year round and is one of the first things I look to when my belief in Santa Claus wavers.

So now when there's no snow outside in which to play, I can have my fun peicing together the sixth issue of Siren. It should be available online in early May.

If you have submitted work and have not heard from me either not at all yet or not in quite a while, I will be in touch soon. If you submitted work that was already accepted, I will contact you first, right after Christmas. I will respond to everyone else after that, but as there's such a backlog now, depending on when you sent a submission, that could possibly be as late as mid-March. But I will do my very best to contact you as soon as possible. My sincere apologies if it's been too long since you've heard anything: much of 2008 I was more tired than usual and just not quite up to par after a knock-down-drag-out wrestle with meningitis and encephalitis. And of course thank you so much for your patience.

Maybe tomorrow morning I will find a co-editor in my stocking. If not, I will not be accepting any new submissions until further notice (check back here or at the magazine itself in about a month or so for news), but Siren will be out and about again in 2009.

pssst: thank you ryan laks for reminding me a little bit of the guy in the big red suit