Monday, December 08, 2008

of the day

POEM: "Primp," by Olivia Cronk, in the most recent issue of elimae. Ohhh this poem. The poet also has a really wonderful, really smart chapbook, titled Gazooly, that one can read or download, for free, at Beard of Bees.

STAT: On average, the best paid doctors are neurosurgeons. The top-earning 1% of these highest paid physicians make an average of $2.7 million per year. The top 1% of hedgefund managers make, on average, $877 million per year. (From CNBC's "Untold Wealth.")

PERSON: Bill Nye, the once and always "Science Guy," has a new show on the Discovery Planet Green channel called Stuff Happens. Watch the show and/or check out the website to hear Nye explain the toxic effects of PDCB naptholene, which is the active agent in mothballs and what to use instead (lavender or cedar); how to save $ and avoid waste & toxins by making dust spray from lemons and olive oil; what common products contain formaldehyde and how today it takes one half the amount of formaldehyde to embalm bodies than it did 25 years ago because these days our bodies have so much of it already when we're alive (eww). At the show's website (or Planet Green's site home), also check out the green menu links, and especially the blue "Go Green" menu link, for some fun green-ideas and eco-friendly tips. These pages are really helpful for the holidays and have gift-giving ideas, recipes, and a lot of other relevant holiday info.

FIND: Jasper Bernes' superbly named blog, "Little Red's Resolution Trust Organization." Besides having one of the best-ever titles around, the poet's blog gives me new hope that poets, yes, are indeed often a highly evolved lifeform. High intelligence, high art, and high socio-political awareness, without the high drama that seems to infect so many poblogs and group-poblogs.

QUOTE: 'What someone in power doesn't want people to know - that's news. All the rest is just advertising. ~Dan Rather


Dee said...

Excellent buffet blog! Thanks especially for the heads-up about Bill Nye's new show.

Sara Kearns said...

now i know who you are! i had forgotten dabroots was you until i saw the name of your blog again. anyway, yes, the bill nye show is a little bit of great. he even makes climate change fun! well, you know what i mean.

dabroots said...

Indeed. Best of holiday wishes to you! DAB