Wednesday, November 12, 2008

o captain, my captain



What greater thing has happened in this country and to this country and from this country in recent memory? And a Democrat-controlled Congress as well. How Rainbow Connection.

But Grrrr and shame on you to all those in California, Florida, Arizona, and Arkansas who are responsible for the passing of the propositions to ban gay marriage. All that time, money, energy, and messing with Constitutions, and all those lawyers, Mormons, and political strategists and spin doctors for something that has the simplest of solutions: if you are against gay marriage, don't have one. Take a cue from South Dakota, where a proposition to ban (legal) abortion was defeated.

Click on the photo to go to, the website for the Office of the President-Elect. (How cool does that sound?)

It was an honor to be one of so many who was involved, even in the smallest of ways, in the fruition of the dream.


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DAB said...

Gratifying, isn't it, to think about a few votes that you might have caused to be cast, a few people you might have swayed to our candidate? I noticed that Braddock and North Braddock went over 90% for our candidate.

About California's Proposition 8, that's truly appalling. Something like one out of seven Americans live in that state, and now a majority of voters there took away a right that had previously been granted. Maybe you've already seen the following petition:

New York City says "hello" to you, by the way. It still looks good, but all those people!