Thursday, November 29, 2007

john edwards on charlie rose

on the same television screen, sitting together at the same table... what a dream. My dream comes true on PBS tonight, and again tomorrow. These two dreamy intellects will discuss issues pertinent to the decisions with which we will all be entrusted in the next eleven months. You can find out when you can see the acclaimed interviewer converse with the left-leaning (and, I think, best) candidate for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination in your area by checking this page of the PBS website.

No matter what your beliefs or candidate preferences, this is a rare chance to hear a relevant conversation approached with candor and seriousness uncommon among all the network and cable horse-race chatter.

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Anonymous said...

please tell me you're NOWHERE near the weirdness at clinton's office!
thinking of you...

you're spot on there: charlie rose is luv. and the other one ain't so half bad... charlie just got some big ole NC famous citizen homeboy award... yes, charlie is indeed all shades of luv. i miss him sooo badly, only getting my fix when i visit my mom.

siren5 is lovely, lovely dearie. good show. and thanks for your thankful post. right back atcha! squared.