Monday, June 11, 2007

Siren Issue Four, the zine Absent, and "I'm the man who loves you"

art by Peter Schwartz

Siren is up again, with a new issue, number Four. Which, by the way, sort of marks its first birthday too. Well, I'm sort of unclear about that -- the first issue went up on July 2nd of last year, but the first actual action I took toward creating Siren was in May, and the idea, hmmm, somewhere around March of 2005. Alright, so I guess its birthday won't be until 2 July, but you can give it a hug and kiss anyway if you'd like. I'm sure you will feel affection for the wonderful work the wonder-plus-ful poets, writers, and artists contributed....

POETS Tao Lin, Elizabeth Volpe, Alex Stolis, Gareth Lee, Natasha K.Moni, Jack Boettcher, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Susan Denning, and Changming Yuan FICTION WRITERS Stephanie Dickinson and Denise Downs ARTISTS Diana Magallan and Peter Schwartz,. and REVIEWS by Mark DeCarteret.

And find out about great new books and other such news from some of Siren's luminaries including Dorianne Laux, Robyn Art, Ira Joel Haber, David Hernandez, and Amy King, whose new book I'm the Man Who Loves You not only possesses the best title so far this year, but has also garnered reviews on the level of wow, and contains other keeping-with-the-title (xoxo for Wilco) poems like "A Ghost is Born."


Elevating online literature journals, as well as all literary offerings and magazines of the arts, is Siren's friend, the new 'zine, Absent. It has a great editorial board, including Simon DeDeo, and an A+ first issue. Definitely check out the lovely and strong poems by Adam Clay and the mysterious and yummy from Justin Marks, as well as all of the poetry, translations, prose, and, woohoo, music.


sam of the ten thousand things said...

It's a great issue, Sara. Enjoyed the read.

SarahJane said...

Really enjoyed the new Siren, Sara. The poems are terrific.