Monday, August 21, 2006

The book meme that's going around.... Book That:

changed my life? Surfacing, by Atwood, The Golden Notebooks, by Lessing, and the Bell Jar, by Plath. I was given these three books together at the same time by a friend of my parents' whose kindness is perhaps surpassed only by his intellect; I don't think it was any accident he gave me those 3 books together and at the time he did. I was 18 and they opened a whole new world up to me, and among many things these books inspired, they also birthed my feminism, and not just on an intellectual, philisophical, or activist level, but on a very personal level, and I'm quite sure I haven't been the same since.

I've read more than once? Many, many books of poetry. More than ten times would be slightly easier to answer: All of Anne Sexton's books, especially Love Poems, to Bedlam..., Live or Die, and All My Pretty Ones. Also, Savage Inequalites, by Jonathan Kozol.

I'd want on a desert island? The 1993 Best American Poetry.

made me laugh? She's Come Undone.

made me cry? Of Mice and Men. The Giving Tree.

I wish I had written? Isolato, by Larissa Szporluk.

I wish had been written? The books Sexton, Plath, and O'Hara would have written had they lived past their destructions.

I wish had never been written? Some parts of the Old Testament, the parts that imagined and painted a vengeful, judgemental, and violent God, and has ever since been used to justify, and probably have even inspired, so much hatred.

I'm currently reading? The Origins of Species, by Darwin. Democracy, Culture, and the Voice of Poetry, by Robert Pinsky, and his Collected Works.

I've been meaning to read? The Making of the Atom Bomb. As well as many others on a very long list.

TAG, you're it: Scott Odom, Glenn Ingersoll, Matt Hart, Sarah Sloat, Rae.


Sam of the ten thousand things said...

An interesting list.

SarahJane said...

Hi Sara -
liked reading your chosen books.
i finally did the tag too.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

I have the feeling if I do this one I'll muck with it.

sara kearns said...

Sam, thanks -- I'll take a look on your blog to see if you did one of these. If not, is it to late to tag you? ; )

Sarah, 'so good hearing from you! i've missed you. (i haven't had access to the internet for a few weeks at least except for a few, isolated, and short times.)'can't wait to see your list. oh, and someone was telling me the other day that you have the most awesome blog. & that's why i recommended it to them.

ah, c'mon, glenn, what's there to muck up? btw, good word choice - muck. i think it's permeated my language center now and it'll no doubt come ut in a poem.